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Roxy Marrone 

Roxy is an Events Coordinator, Brand Consultant, Manifesting and Functional Medicine Practitioner. 

Together with her mother Margo, a Shaman, Pharmacist, Herbalist, Entrepreneur (found of The Organic Pharmacy) and Potion maker, they created  House of Roxy - a spiritual wellness brand that aims to weave magic into everyday life.


Together they created House of Roxy with the aim to bring beautiful objects imbued with magic, energy and power into people's homes. Tapping into the ancient power of gems, symbols, herbs, crystals, rituals, colours and spells for the modern world. With clear intention in each piece and a careful selection of natural materials, sustainable, handmade, ethical and magical.

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Home Base:



Multi-modal Healing + Functional Medicine

Life Motto:

If you aren’t obsessed with your life, change it. All you need to do is re write the words. 


My mother and all working mothers 

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