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F Word Magazine: Support and Sisterhood

We were interviewed by Maisie Daniels for F Word Magazine.




SUPPORT AND SISTERHOOD words Maisie Daniels - photography Sabrina Cichy

Formed out of a friendship, female freelancers Franzi Klein and Tijana Tamburic saw that it was time to shake things up in the creative field and craft a unique collective which is all about support, encouragement and inspiration for, let’s face it, what can sometimes be a tough industry for women. TitledFemale Narratives, it stands for women empowerment and with a tagline which states ‘In an age of freelancers and start-ups it’s time for a new way to create and collaborate’, it provides a platform for companies that are courageous in their collaboration approach, and fierce female freelancers who wish to be heard - my application is already in!

In support of International Women’s day, you can catch the girls at the W Hotel, (Leicester Square) where they will be producing their first (of many) panel discussions with What She Said. I got the chance to catch up with the ladies and find out a little more about the foundations, and future of this energetically empowering new enterprise.

Maisie Daniels: When was Female Narratives founded? Franzi: We set it up FN in late October 2016, before Trump was elected, and had our proper launch party in February 2017. We had no idea what the year would bring for women’s activism all over the world. M.D: Why start Female Narratives? Tijana: We wanted to create a space where girls like us, freelance creatives, could represent themselves as they chose, have a space to share ideas, collaborate on projects, have a vehicle with which they can reach out to brands, and above all feel part of a support network; a community. We were the first two girls on the collective. M.D: Can you talk through the ethos of Female Narratives? Tijana: The concept seems so complicated for people as we are part collective, part creative agency, where everyone is freelance and we don’t have a permanent space. But it’s really simple: we think authenticity has been lost in advertising, brands are contriving more than ever and it’s crazy because there are so many amazing women doing so many amazing things that would love to be given a voice and an opportunity. Franzi: Our ethos is to remain as authentic as possible and connect brands to real women doing real, tangible things and create beautiful narratives for them. We want girls to join our collective and proudly showcase their skills, talents and passions, whatever they may be. M.D: What is the core message that you want Female Narratives to send to women working in the creative field? Tijana: That we know it’s fucking hard but they need to keep hustling, and to lift the other women around them up and take them with them on their way to the top. There never needs to be just one woman that makes it, we all can. It’s not about competition but about congratulation. Life will be more fulfilling if we support each other; our success is their success and vice-versa. M.D: What is the relationship between the two of you? Tijana: We’re best friends - funnily enough, we were just friends, relatively new friends, when we started out on this journey, and rather than it tearing us apart it’s actually created a stronger friendship. Not to mention that we went to Burning Man together last year and are going again this year. Oh, and we spend so much time together that my dad thinks we are a couple. Franzi: We basically met on a flight to Ibiza, became friends and 4 months later FN was born. We’re