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Paff Evara

Papuan Australian Paff Evara (they/them) is a marketing director turned creator, speaker and activist. A natural storyteller, Paff went viral during lockdown, building an audience of over 110K people as they empowered people to take up more space through stories of queer joy, healing & self actualisation. 


Wanting to expand their impact, Paff and wife Hannah Peacock founded Take Up Space, a community and media company that platforms diverse voices. Through Take Up Space, Paff has proven themselves as an expert community builder, curator and facilitator - culminating in CreatorThon, a 2-day virtual summit exploring the creator economy. Paff's diverse network spans across the globe, and they have a passion for bringing people together for impactful, immersive experiences.

On the corporate side, Paff has dedicated their career to building inclusion through a Black, queer & neurodivergent lens, working with global organisations such as Google, Meta, Marriott & Getty Images. Paff has also featured as a speaker at London Tech Week, NFT London & Google Xi Days, discussing intersectionality, revolutionising creativity and emerging web3 technology. 

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Creative + Activism

Life Motto:

"Growth doesn't grow from comfort zones"


Lady Gaga 

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