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Nicole Markhoff

Nicole Markhoff is a video director, editor and animator based in London. 


Nicole was born and grew up in Mauritius, and Germany. In Germany, she worked as a digital designer and promoter for fashion, lifestyle and tech brands. It is this background that helped carve her multifaceted visual style, digital media techniques and strong understanding of advertising and branding, which has seen her portfolio grow to include brands such as W hotel, London Fashion Week, Jo Malone and Bally to name a few.

Nicole’s work is undeniably poppy, of the moment and full of youthfully vibrancy.

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Home Base:



Directing + Animating 

Life Motto:

"Live your life, have fun, don’t work too much."

Find that specific something that you love doing so much and pays the bills. Have fun, not work.


My dad for living life fully and having no regrets.

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