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Marsha Nsiah 

Born in London with Ghanaian heritage, Marsha moved to Brighton where she studied Art & Design. It was also these formative years in Brighton where she really dove into the natural hair care movement and experimenting with her afro hair as self expression, paving the way for her business down the line.

She came back to London for a BA in Interior Design, learning about photography and filmmaking, telling her own stories and modelling. Followed by big travels and dabbling in corporate work, it became clear that she needed to use everything she had learnt to chart her own path and create something for women that looked like her.

Passionate about black women flourishing, she created Black Girl Swim Club as a safe space for black women to learn how to swim and The Spring in 2020 to platform ethical brands and women in wellness, beauty and culture.

Marsha seeks adventure, music and inner-alignment in her everyday.


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Home Base:



Community + wellness + photography

Life Motto:

You're gonna die, so just do it! [that thing you've been putting off] 


Laura Lee of Khruangbin - I love her story and how she's made it happen! 

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