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Marell Kull 

Marell is a hat designer and model based in London. She makes contemporary hats that are handmade in her studio in London using traditional millinery skills.

She was born in Estonia but left home as a teenager to travel the world to pursue her career as a fashion model. Before settling in London she was based in Hong Kong where she also worked as a stylist for magazines, film and TV.

While being an international model and stylist she was always fascinated by hats and headpieces and was always curious of how they were made. Shortly after moving to London she enrolled to Kensington and Chelsea college to study millinery. Later she took classes at Edwina Ibbotson and worked as a trainee at Laura Apsit Livens.

Marell  is constantly exploring different techniques, shapes, designs, unconventional fabrics and is determined to inspire everyone to wear a hat! 

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Millinery + Styling     

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Create, love and travel far 


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