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Katie Burn 

Katie has a post graduate degree in psychology and has since worked in areas such as eating disorders, suicide helplines, community anxiety and depression clinics. She herself has had a long battle with chronic neuropathic pain for which she was heavily medicated. Many years down the line she realised that a focus on mindfulness and movement was a more effective treatment than the cocktail of prescribed medication. 


Her exploration of self healing through movement has continued. After many years of gymnastics she traded her leotard for yoga pants and began a journey training to be an AcroYoga teacher.


She still teaches gymnastics & yoga and has taken a particular interest in teaching teenage girls. Sharing her knowledge on mental health and movement as the perfect antidote to the stress of adolescence. 


Simultaneously, she has worked as a social media strategist for yoga studios and charities in London and creates empowering content for her own platforms @londonladybase & @londonacroladies. 


Katie hopes to continue to work at the cross section of movement and metal health, offering alternative and complementary solutions for those who have tried a conventional route with little success. 


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Yoga + Movement + Mental Health + Female Empowerment + Body Positivity   

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Strong Like A Girl 


My first yoga teacher 

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