Jess Clark

Jess is a scientist, stunt woman, model and adventurer with an aversion to stereotypes. 


Jess was previously an athlete on the GB Olympic Start Programme for rowing. She then started modelling and found her niche in the outdoor sports industry. As an athlete and adrenaline junkie Jess has also worked as a stunt performer. She was one of Wonder Woman's Amazon warriors and a double in Fantastic Beasts 2.


Jess is an avid adventurer with a love of extreme sports and the outdoors. She followed her love of mountaineering and steep skiing to Chamonix, a Mecca for alpine sports, and stayed for two years. She lived in a small cabin, surrounded by nature, with her rescue husky Lascar. 


Jess is currently in London undertaking an MSc in Public Health and the Environment at LSHTM. She is fascinated by the link between health, the environment and sustainable development. Troubled by the current state of our planet she left the mountains and returned to academia, in the hope of contributing to meaningful solutions. 

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My mumma! She’s an ironwoman with a heart of gold