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Harriet Rock 

Harriet Rock is a visual artist, singer and theorist. She believes in living and encouraging others to enjoy a life without boundaries; exploring the limitless potential of our minds and wills.

Through her art she explores different issues and elements of today’s society. In her ‘Send Me A Dick Pic Old Master’ series she looks at gender behaviour and modern romance.

Her philosophy is a mixture of Stoicism, the poetry of William Blake and the Hagakure Way of the Samurai. She is Grade 8 piano and is training for her blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu whilst doing archery and rock climbing.

In 2017 Harriet started Carl Jung Money, a clothing range and pop up events company with the ethos ‘Cash poor, philosophy rich’. Harriet also tutors Songwriting with the Princes Trust as an initiative to build confidence in young people.

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Home Base:



Art + Music + Martial Arts 

Life Motto:

Life is too important to be taken seriously


My mother, she died of a rare form of gynaecological cancer in 2017, she lived and died with true grace and strength.

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