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Zuzanna Buchwald 

Zuzanna is a nomadic adventurer, vegetarian with vegan tendencies, nature lover and modern hippie at heart. She feels the happiest on a plane to an undiscovered destination.


She finds beauty in art, architecture, travel, nature, and people and is always looking for new ways to use her ideas, entrepreneurship and experience in the fashion industry to inspire a positive socio-economic change.


Zuzanna is very interested in wellness and mindfulness and all the little things that can change lives. In early 2016, she became an advocate for change in the field of eating disorders in the fashion industry as well as started her own capsule fashion brand Capes of Good Hope that supports charitable causes.

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Home Base:

New York


Wellness + Mindfulness + Awareness + Fashion for Change 

Life Motto:

Love life and life will love you back


Jane Goddall,

Angelina Jolie,

Emma Watson,

Patti Smith and all women who are mothers in this difficult time in history

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