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Zoé Gadsden

Zoé is the COO of Matter Labs, the company behind zkSync. With the purpose of breaking financial barriers and enhancing people's freedom, zkSync is enabling the mass adoption of public blockchains by solving Ethereum scalability - making crypto payments significantly cheaper and scaling arbitrary smart contracts without any security compromises. 


Impelled by the positive change technology and community can bring about, Zoé has spent most of her career supporting founders and the startup ecosystem: before joining Matter Labs, Zoé built programs for underrepresented founders at Google for Startups; connecting them with the right people, products, and best practices to help their startup grow. 


She is founding member of Female Narratives, angel investor, and advisor (as well as former Head of New Ventures) at TOA, Europe's largest interdisciplinary technology festival and community for knowledge exchange and collaboration.


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Home Base:

NYC + Berlin 


Operations + Crypto

Life Motto:

Be patient, be brave, be willing to change your mind


All the optimists conceiving of a better world

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