WALDOxFN: Feast Your Eyes 


Waldo, a new-age contact lens brand, wanted to raise awareness among young female 'visionaries' of its product, especially the vitamin-infused contacts.


We worked with foodie and marketing extraordinaire Bianca Bridges to bring FN girls who all have contact lens prescriptions to The Locals Cafe in Chelsea for a bespoke breakfast. 

During the breakfast the founder of the company, Ashleigh Hinde, gave a introductory speech, the girls were able to decorate and customise their WALDO boxes which contained their exact prescription lenses in the vitamin-infused solution, set 6 month intentions, have a beautiful breakfast and gain more information about the brand. 


Producer: Bianca Bridges 

Visionaries: Tijana, Kenzie, Hanna, Lillie, Bel 


PRODUCT: Contact Lenses 

FORMAT: Event  


DATE: May 2018 

CATEGORY: Optical