FNxMykkeHofmann: UMCARI


Mykke Hofmann are a female-run brand based out of Munich, Germany, that have recently bought a factory in Serbia. 

They wanted to showcase the new factory; where they now produce all their clothes. 


We wanted to create for MH a short, documentary style, film about their factory in Umcari, Serbia. 

We focused on the 10 women they have working there and told their company story, while creating a vignette of a small Serbian town. 

We also shot, on film, a photo-diary of our time there for MH to use on their social media. 


Producer: Tijana Tamburic

Director/ DOP: Julia Shashkina 

Location Scout + assistant: Ljubica Arsic  

Composer: Ivana Djordjevic 

CLIENT: Mykke Hofmann  

PRODUCT: Women's Wear  

FORMAT: Film  


DATE: May 2018 

CATEGORY: Fashion