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Omotayo Oakwood

Omotayo is a singer-songwriter whose music is inspired by a cosmic life lived with her feet on the ground. Her signature style that she calls ‘medicine music’ has grown out of her own healing journey and is a collection on non-linear songs layering sounds and lyrics intended as prayers, blessings and affirmations to soothe the soul.


She is an active member of the web3 community and thus far has released most of her music web3-first as NFTs. She is a real advocate for the web3 movement and the revolutionary technology available to creatives through harnessing the tools now at our disposal.  She is a founding member of The Outsider Collective - an international group of creatives spanning the disciplines of art and music who have come together to build a web3-first ecosystem founded on the values of creativity, community and collaboration. 


She is inspired by honesty, courage, vulnerability, unashamed creative expression, big dreams and vast imaginations.

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Home Base:



Music + web3 + dance + empowerment

Life Motto:

Life is a tapestry that is yours to weave.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes - the woman who painted such a vivid picture of what it truly means to be a Wild Woman who runs with the wolves.

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