Ty Evans-Akingbola

Omotayo, Ty, is a wellbeing entrepreneur and singer whose offerings invite people into deeper relationship with their bodies, hearts and dreams.


Whether it be in a Tarot reading, a cacao and intuitive dance ceremony or whilst educating about the power of essential oils, she encourages us towards the freedom of being who we were born to be in our fullest potential - body, mind and soul. 


She hosts regular events and retreats both in London and abroad as well as offering private sessions - all with the intention of gently guiding people out of their heads, into their hearts and into their own unique way of flowing with life.


She is inspired by honesty, courage, vulnerability, unashamed creative expression, big dreams and vast imaginations.

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Wellness + Dance + Music

+ Empowerment

Life Motto:

Life is a tapestry that is yours to weave.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes - the woman who painted such a vivid picture of what it truly means to be a Wild Woman who runs with the wolves.