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Tilly GW

A runner from the age of 9, Tilly grew up with sprinting as her focus. She found that running inspired her in unexpected ways: through the people and places she was introduced to, the clothing she wore, and the ways in which she could express herself creatively. A combination of these factors lead her to study fashion in London before going to Loughborough University to study chemistry where she investigated sustainable alternatives to chemically synthesis textiles for sportswear. 


Along the way, Tilly has worked with a number of sportswear companies as an athlete, model, consultant, designer, communicator and events director in London and New York. She currently works across these disciplines with Salomon, Running Order and The Speed Project.

Tilly uses her multidisciplinary interests in art, dance, running, writing, chemistry, design and sustainability to empower all bodies through sport, collaboration and the bridges between art and science. Her priorities are in sustainable practice and challenging norms, boundaries and stereotypes. 

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Home Base:



Running + Community 

Life Motto:

Stay excited, be open to new things, say yes before you know how to do it.  


Running: it starts narrow and spirals spiderwebs out into creativity, friendships, places, people, sounds, colours and movement.

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