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Tasha Franken

Tasha Franken is a Fashion model, certified health coach and pilates instructor who recently started her 

Youtube and IGTV channel

#MoveWithTash to share her knowledge. 


Tasha truly believes that everything starts from WITHIN. Once you heal from the inside, the outside will follow. #MoveWithTash represents everything wellness related from Pilates based workouts to healthy recipes and beauty tips.
Tasha's workouts are quick and efficient, creating long & lean muscles using Pilates based exercises, that add tone without bulk and focus on breathing to reduce cortisol & inflammation in the body.


Specifically designed for EVERY BODY to do at home, with minimal equipment and space.

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Home Base:

New York + Los Angeles


Health Coach + Model 

Life Motto:

Everything happens for a reason


My grandmother; the most inspiring, independent and positive person I know

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