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Tanya Cubric

Tanya is a Balkan diaspora artist, born in Montreal, grew up in the south of England and now lives in Melbourne - where she is doing an MFA at RMIT. Her practice is loyal to her lived experience and ever developing belief system - its lush and likes risks and is always in solidarity with the outsider. Tanya is constantly seeking connection in unlikeable places and believes in our resilience and capacity to love one another and transcend our oppressive societal stereotypes. 


Her installations are site specific and consist of cheap, readymade materials often bought from a local mall, sourced from a dump or borrowed from friends. "I customise and destroy them. I create characters, they’re normally satirical and seductive. I also use the body as a vehicle for feminist discourse."

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Home Base:

Melbourne / London


Art + Theatre

Life Motto:

Find your inner child 


Everlasting friendship and

family ❤️

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