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Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus is a professional dancer and dance teacher/choreographer with over 10 years’ experience in the commercial world (credits inc. Rihanna, FKA twigs & Kylie Minogue), with the UK's best and most successful companies and as an artist in her own right. She recently assisted with movement for Paul Smith S/S ‘17 and choreography for an Axe ad, directed by Colin Tilley.


In addition to various cities in the UK, Tali has taught in L.A, Berlin, Zurich and the Netherlands. She is keen to empower artists to find their own style and know that in doing so, they are enough. She always finds the jobs where she is employed to share her individuality the most fulfilling, so is eager to spread the word that being successful through being your self is possible.


Tali also co-founded the campaign group Dancers United UK and regularly gives talks at dance conventions, colleges and workshops nationwide, making sure new dancers come into the commercial dance industry aware of what they should expect as professionals and the part they each play in making that happen.

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Home Base:



Choreography + Movement Direction

Life Motto:

Stay as close to who you are for as long as you can


My mum - in my work life, Galen Hooks

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