StockX: Our Time 


StockX wanted to show love and support for the Women's World Cup and women's football in general and inspire young girls to join the sport. 


We gathered 10 of the best football players from across the UK, many of them heading off to France as part of the the Lionesses, and filmed a street game - a 'play for the pitch' style 3-goals-wins battle. The film we created was a nod to the infamous 2002 Nike advert The Cage. 

They all wore the freshest trainers - available on StockX - and got them pretty beat up from playing. But this was the point. We got portraits of each player and their chosen trainers - after the game. 

The game was watched and commentated on, from a  cast-out sofa, by football commentators and influencers David Vujanic and DJ Monki. We used music from UK rising star, rapper Flohio. 

We worked with production company Wolf Pack Collective to get all the filming done and Stephanie Sian Smith shot the images. 


Creative Director: Tijana Tamburic 

Photographer: Stephanie Sian Smith 


PRODUCT: Our Time Film   

FORMAT: Video + Stills 


DATE: May 2019 

CATEGORY: Streetwear