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Sonya Barlow

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of the LMFNETWORK, Diversity and Inclusion Coach, TEDx Speaker, LinkedIn Changemaker 2021, Radio Host of the BBC Asian Network's THE EVERYDAY HUSTLE, and author of UNPREPARED TO ENTREPRENEUR.

Sonya Barlow is the award-winning founder of LMF Network, a global community and edtech platform to build women's confidence, capabilities, and careers through masterclasses, mentorship, and community. Since launching in 2018, the social community has grown to over 50,000 and upskilled more than 15,000 people. She is also the founder of her diversity and business consultancy, specialising in strategic plans, training and improving workplace belonging. Sonya is valued for her public speaking skills, including delivering two TEDx talks, being recognized as Linkedin Changemaker and Top Voice and being a radio host for the BBC's The Everyday Hustle. Amongst receiving multiple awards and being showcased in Forbes, Business Insider and Telegraph, Sonya is the best selling author of her award-winning business book Unprepared to Entrepreneur.


You can work with Sonya for campaigns, public speaking and all things inclusion. 

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Home Base:



Female Empowerment + Entrepreneurship + Public Speaking

Life Motto:

Fail faster, kinder & stronger [the worst thing you can do is not try]


My mother - and every womxn - who has had to evolve their mindset to break the systemic and societal barriers placed upon them by culture & tradition

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