Sonya Barlow

Sonya Barlow is the founder of LMF Network CiC, a global community dedicated to reducing inequalities and providing a foundation to succeed  womxn and underrepresented individuals through life skills workshops, digital training, a supportive community and access to expertise for everyone. 


She is also the founder of her own diversity consultancy and specialises in consulting on inclusive cultures, change management and confidence in the workplace. Sonya is valued for her public speaking skills, which includes delivering two TEDx talks, facilitating workshops for the likes of the General Assembly and delivering key notes across European conferences. 

Sonya has been recognised as a Rising Star (2017); UK Tech Business Woman of the Year Finalist (2018), Winner of Pitchfanzine (2019 and TechWomen100 finalist (2019). She is passionate about enabling inclusive cultures, educating on life skills and empowering confidence in all to achieve personal success. 

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Female Empowerment + Entrepreneurship + Public Speaking

Life Motto:

Fail faster, kinder & stronger [the worst thing you can do is not try]


My mother - and every womxn - who has had to evolve their mindset to break the systemic and societal barriers placed upon them by culture & tradition