Church's wanted to celebrate the Christmas season with all their classic shoes and tell a narrative story. 


We created a boy-meets-girl, British love story called Solemates that follows two star-crossed lovers over 4 short episodes:

The Meet Cute 

The Date 

The Apology 

The Christmas Dinner

+ extra Santa Claus outtake! 

The catch was the the story is told entirely from the waist down! It explored all the ways we communicate using our feet. 

The films, when released on Church's Instagram page were viewed over 1million times - proving the power of narrative to maintain engagement. 

View the whole campaign HERE


Creative Director: Tijana Tamburic 

Producer: Bel Merid 

Assistant Producers: Franzi Klein + Johanna MacDonald

Director: Jacob Perlmutter 

DOP: Jan Vrhovnik 

Music Composer: Diogo Strausz 

Set Designer: Lucie Brooks 

Photographer: Manon Ouimet

Stylist: Roisin Straver + Amelia Kildear 

Lead actors: Micah Barnes + Dominic Simpson

Choreographer: Olivia Shouler 

CLIENT: Church's   

PRODUCT: Solemates   

FORMAT: Video + Stills  


DATE: Nov - December 2019 


As featured in Italian Vogue "most beautiful ads of AW19/20"