LUMY LENS: "See beauty through different eyes"

January 27, 2017

Our girl Megan Rose Lane has created a new brand of natural coloured contact lenses: LumyLens.



Megan is a make-up artist who creates flawless tutorials on her Instagram. But she's also more than just a flawless face on Instagram, as are most people but we seem to forget that sometimes. She's a woman who has suffered from bulimia, relentless acne and severe anxiety. She wanted to dispel the idea that women actually look and behave like they do on Instagram in real life as it was giving her, and millions of women around the world, unnecessary complexes. Megan demonstrates the difference good lighting, filtering, angles, posture and, of-course, make-up and can create in an image in an effort to get women to love themselves. 


Megan: "Every time I spend weeks feeling anxious, down, insecure, frightened and overwhelmed - I end up digging deep In to myself, ditching my ego and all the thoughts of worthlessness. I meditate, read, write, read more, listen to music and let go of everything that's making me feel like crap. And every time I get out of a rut, I feel even more in touch with who I really am. I realise that this world of ego, comparison, shallow materialistic insufficiency is suffocating me and deep down I KNOW happiness cannot be bought, earned or worked toward. Happiness is not 10lbs from now, it's not when you get your new abs, when you get your dream job, when you're prettier, richer, more popular. Happiness is NOW. There is no other time for it than now. Neither the past nor future exist, so stop fearing what isn't real and decide to live fully in the moment, fully in love with who you are on a level that's so much deeper than your eyebrows, achievements or shoe collection. Happiness and self love are the best choice you will ever make. I promise you that!"


Megan loves make-up; it's her passion and her occupation but she believes that make-up should not be something to hide behind but something to be adventurous and playful with; a form of creativity and self-expression. And what is more transformative than contact lenses? 


Having searched far and wide for the best natural-looking lenses and failing to find them, Megan decided to create her own and LumyLens was born and launching in January 2017.


Megan: "At LumyLens we believe in colour, creativity and self-expression. We are dedicated to bringing you the most realistic looking lenses in the world, whether you'd like to enhance your natural features, compliment your makeup or completely transform your look. Since our non-prescription lenses are designed without a limbal ring, they transform the eye in the most subtle way possible. They are also incredibly opaque and will completely change any eye colour, including the darkest of brown."




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