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Shenyue Ding

Shenyue studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and worked for 2 years as a strategy consultant, helping life sciences and consumer goods clients with their business strategy, before deciding that she wanted to do something that involved more physical making, rather than sitting behind a screen. However, she firmly remains a biology geek, and listens exclusively to science podcasts.


She now spends half of her time making pottery by hand on the wheel in a studio in east London for her brand, Supper Ceramics. The name supper is a nod to her northern roots, the feelings of comfort, home and shared moments. Google defines it as "an evening meal, typically a light or informal one", or "a meal consisting of the specified food with chips e.g. a fish supper". The latter resonates particularly well.


The rest of the time, she is modelling. She has worked with clients including Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Uniqlo, Lululemon, GHD, Net-A-Porter, and Whistles.


She is strangely attracted to the slow multi step process of making pots, which hinges on a number of factors like the weather and the mighty mysterious kiln gods. In a world full of mass-produced Ikea uniformity, Shenyue's main goal is to create unique items that will be treasured in your home, and in the homes of your friends and loved ones.

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Home Base:



Ceramics + Design

Life Motto:

Do things often that scare you a little


Rosalind Franklin, for discovering DNA (but not getting enough of the recognition)

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