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Shareefa J

Shereefa is a multi-hyphenate, multi-dimensional woman always searching for the next challenge in order to encourage and inspire others to break through barriers.

She is a London-based presenter and plus-size model with a background in musical theatre, she is at the forefront of promoting equality and mental health awareness. She uses her platform to discuss many topics including Black Lives Matter, LQBTQIA+ topics, plant- based eco-friendly living, fitness (including her recent commitment to run the London Marathon), adult ADHD, women’s health and eating disorders. 


Shareefa is an ambassador for the UK based mental health charity CALM and works closely with them to help raise awareness and destigmatise the conversation around suicide. Shareefa previously ran an organisation called @shine4diversity in which she created short documentaries and photographic campaigns to highlight the importance of racial inclusion within advertising, her last campaign in 2019 was featured in Buzzfeed. 


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Home Base:



Modelling, Presenting, Sport, Activism

Life Motto:

Feel the fear and do it anyway.


My sister, she's the most tenacious woman I know, a true empath and complete stoic. I just adore her.

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