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Sarah Teasdale

Sarah is a model, mover and lover of creation. Born in Newcastle, she cemented her love for dance, performance and the arts at an early age. She then continued on to study Dance & Culture at University collecting specific interests in contemporary dance, choreography and dance education along the way.


Following a chance trip to Japan, Sarah embarked upon a career in front of the camera. Working for clients such as GAP, Nike and Aussie. Her favourite work is always when she gets to marry modelling and movement together, producing work that tells authentic stories is when she’s happiest.


Captivated by the exhilaration and buzzing chaos of being on set, she is interested in exploring other cogs that make the production, and advertising wheel go round.


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Home Base:



Modelling, Moving, Creating

Life Motto:

See opportunity in every difficulty


My selfless, caring, compassionate *insert any other synonym here*, inspiration of a sister and Christina Aguilera circa 2002 because why not!

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