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Robyn Yeang

Robyn is an artist, entrepreneur, fitness professional, digital creator and model. 


A creative maverick and fashion design graduate from London College of Fashion, she designed a sustainable activewear label, RYLEY - made of fully recycled waste, whilst pursuing a 9-year career in fitness and becoming a master in her field as a Cycle Lead trainer at Virgin Active.


Driven by community, connection and her work in creating social impact, Robyn founded Viibe to create opportunities for people to meet at curated social events - bbq disco, DJ yoga, wild swims and supper club. 


Now returning to her creative roots as an artist and practicing potter, she continues to create digital content as well as ambassador work for brands like Optimum Nutrition and DRTY. 


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Home Base:



Art + Creativity 

Life Motto:

You have every opportunity to create an impact. 


Kelly Wearstler, Kiddy Akita Lou + Peggy Gou. The creative women who aren’t afraid to be themselves and design their own paths in life.

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