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Marketing Island: Agency Approach

We were interviewed by he lovely Georgia and Bex from Marketing Island - the award-winning blog for their next Agency Approach feature.

Agency Approach sees Marketing Island get down and dirty with unique agencies from across the globe. In a bid to uncover new wisdom and opinion, we speak to some of the best professionals in our diverse industry. Touching upon individual approaches, valuable knowledge, innovative ideas and unique insight, we endeavour to well and truly... spill the beans.

Read the full piece here:

Marketing Island: What defines storytelling to you and what does it mean to Female Narratives?

Female Narratives: Storytelling to us is an immersive experience where the audience is not distracted by the author, but fully engaged in what is happening in the narrative.

We think to do this in its most pure form, is to tell the truth and be authentic. To tell your story.

I hate it when I see a surf campaign and I feel really inspired by the surfer, but when I look her up she’s just a model who was pretending to surf. And the narrative bubble gets burst in your face. Why not use a real female surfer? There are so many amazing surfers out there who would love to be ambassadors for your brand.

We always work to tell real stories, using the real people those stories belong to. We find this more fulfilling for everyone involved.

Marketing Island: As an agency, you portray more than just a brand, a logo and a colour pallet. You boast style, power, art and meaning. Why is this an important attribute to possess as a company in the current industry?

Female Narratives: We wanted to be an agency that when brands collaborate with us they were proud to say we were the agency involved. We didn’t really see that much in advertising. You don’t really watch a commercial and know which ad agency created it. That’s all stuff only the industry knows about and finds out about on websites like AdWeek and through award ceremonies most people have never even heard of.

We wanted to build a brand that stood for female creativity and individuality; style, power, art and meaning, as you said. We wanted other brands to see working with us as a worthy collaboration that should be visible to the world - and they do. The brands we have worked with love to advertise that they’ve worked with us because it’s such a positive thing to be associated with. We love it when that happens.

With the way the world is changing and the speed at which it’s changing, companies are going to have to find ways to stand out and move with the times, or drown in the flood. Seeing your creative agency or advertising agency as a brand in and of itself is very important to keeping afloat - it also helps in being memorable.

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