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Feature: Le Cool London

We were interviewed by Josh Jones for Le Cool London, a weekly magazine of all things cool and worth checking out in the capital.


Franzi Klein and Tijana Tamburic are doing something a bit new and different. They’re the founders of Female Narratives – a creative agency that operates using a collective of female freelancers that connect brands to real women and real stories. We thought we’d ask them all about it.

So, Franzi and Tijana, what is Female Narratives and how does it work? Female Narratives is a collective for female freelance creatives and a creative agency. We produce content, campaigns and events for brands by putting bespoke teams together from our pool of awesome, genius, badass girls. We also function as a support network, organise events just for our girls and help them get involved into bigger creative projects and encourage them to collaborate and help each other out.

Who do you have on your books? We have almost 100 millennial female creatives on our collective, a diverse mix of everything you can really think of – photographers, models, makeup artists, journalists, PR girls, milliners, graphic designers, actresses, videographers, poets, a nudist… you know, the usual.

How did you two meet? On a plane to Ibiza.

Do you have other jobs as well as running Female Narratives? Yes – we are both still full-time modelling as well as running Female Narratives – who needs sleep? Jokes aside, we really love what we do so a lot of the times it doesn’t really feel like work. Modelling has set a great base for us for Female Narratives, we have both created an extensive network of industry people over the years and also got great insight into advertising and productions – you can always learn something on a modelling job if you keep your eyes and ears open.

What was your lightbulb moment when you realised you needed to start Female Narratives? We had both been thinking about creating something like Female Narratives for a while and I think the lightbulb moment was essentially us meeting and coming together and seeing the need that things in the advertising industry needed to change.

Are you finding loads of brands are jumping on the ‘let’s do something celebrating women’ bandwagon now and not necessarily doing it for the right reasons? It has definitely become a trend, which is not necessarily a bad thing if it still serves the right reason and is sustainable! The bottom line though is that using women or diversity or whatever the latest trend is should never just be a trend – equality and balance should be the standard to start with. We’re trying to push this and make it standard long term, not just for a season while it’s cool and people talk about it. There is still so much work to do and we need to keep the conversation going.

How do women join Female Narratives? Drop us an email and tell us what you do.

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