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Model Behaviour: The Play!

'I've been modelling so long now it's who I am.'- Model is a quick-witted twenty something who's destined for the top. Or... she was at 15. Aware she's getting on in the eyes of the industry and with fashion week fast approaching, she kicks it up a notch or two. Nothing is going to get in the way this year, or is it?

We follow the highs and lows of a young woman trying to find her way in one of most brutal industries in the world. Juice cleanses, fashion parties, dodgy dates and a line or two- Model Behaviour is a one woman comedy for the modern audience in desperate need of an anti-heroine.

'Model Behaviour’ is a dark one woman comedy about the modelling industry, and the debut play of Issy Knowles, a budding new playwright and actress.

After being scouted at 15 Issy went on to spend the next five years in the tremulous industry, and although she wouldn’t change her experience it wasn’t without it’s problems.

‘Despite the glitz and glamour, underneath it functions on an incredibly flawed system that doesn’t do enough to protect the young people it employs. Writing Model Behaviour has felt like the first time I’ve been able to claw back some of the identity I lost when I became a model. It wasn’t until this play began writing itself did I realise how much I had to say, and although it is a comedy at heart, I hope that it can also serve to educate the audience in a small way of the fundamental problems that exist within the industry. My hope is to speak up against the injustices I faced in an industry that treats women like they’re disposable. While- hopefully maintaining a sense of humour!’

Model Behaviour will be running from the 3rd-11th August @ The Space Jury’s Inn, follow Model Behaviours social media to keep up with all the latest gossip and for the upcoming London dates.

Model Behaviour is still looking for funding if you’re feeling generous please donate to their GoFundMe below:

Actress: Issy Knowles

Photographer: Georgia Shane

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