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Our girl Zoe runs events at TOA so we were fortunate enough to be a apart of the event's 'Open Circle' this year.

We kicked things off by going to the Female Founders dinner where we met the amazing Annina Roescheisen and Lily from Style Like U among other incredible and aspirational women.

The following day was a buzz of conference talks, experiences and learning, including an interview with the co-founder of Soundcloud and the former CTO of Facebook, followed by the Speakers Dinner. We were joined by out girl Carmel who was working on some projects of her own in Berlin.

Day Two of the conference ( which is really more like a tech festival) included so many cool talks I want to list them:

Fireside Chat with Yael Eisenstat - Former CIA Analyst

Human & AI Powered Creativity in Storytelling

The Convergence of Technology, Hollywood and Storytelling

Cacao Ceremony

How To Become the Most Famous Artist

Virtue or Vice? When Art & Social Media Ally in a Panhuman Quest for Peace by Annina!

Lawyering in the Age of AI by Nicole Shanahan where Sergey Brin and I sat in the front row together and had a nice catch up.

After the Universal Music rooftop dinner we all got on boats to Jackie O where we partied till the early hours like true Berliners before getting our very own private FN speedboat home!

The conference was finished by a range of satellite events that take place all over Berlin in association with TOA and a music festival, which wasn't without it's cool techy immersive spaces and incredible cerebral installations (like a giant game of Tetris that Franzi was very please to win... twice).

We can't want to see you again next year, TOA!

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