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Dream Acting! Free Wishes Exhibition

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962

Dream Acting is a participative and interdisciplinary art and cultural project,

connecting dreams and creating new realities created by our girl Cecília Erismann.

On Sunday, the 2nd of April, an international, multimedia and multi-sensory event/action will take place simultaneously at the Pavilleon (Zurich) and the Akqa Casa (Sao Paulo) - but it does not restrict itself on these two locations, expanding its invitation to other locations by means of further events and online platforms/discussions. On this agenda, the time difference between the places becomes unimportant, giving its audience the access to a time and space where there are no borders, no rules and no limits for the good wishes we all have for the world and the plans on how to make them a reality.

Starting with a question posed in the streets of these two cities, the program includes a Poetical and Music immersion, an Open Mic or Sarau, online and direct connection, video, a delicious zero waste food brunch, exhibitions and many interactive and collaborative artistic expressions which are open for the public.

The main question that the Project works with is: 'What do you wish for the world?' and through this question a holistic experience of change takes place, rooted in the belief that together we can create the world we would all like to live in, both on the level of politics/economics and on self and collective consciousness. It is divided into four different parts (dreaming, planning, acting and celebrating) happening all at once. It is up to the public to decide how deep they want to go and which sequence they want to follow.

About the artist:

Cecília Erismann is a Brazilian-Swiss poet and artist with a social science and philosophical background. She obtained her interdisciplinary master's degree in Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School (2015). Her thesis, 'A dialogue between poetry and philosophy: An encounter of the writer with his reader', got published by the German –American publisher house ‘Atropos Press’ (2016). Cecilia has dedicated much of her attention to poetry, art and interdisciplinary projects and events, taking part in several across the world. ‘Dialogue’ and ‘encounter’ are keywords not only in her written work, but also in her work with other ways of expression and communication.

After several projects, Cecília remains intent on carrying her poetry beyond the paper form, frequently using other mediums and collaborating with other artists and writers as much as by keeping herself open towards the interchange between her words and her others – by placing them between the two, by addressing them always to ‘you’.

Dream Acting - The Details




15:30h - 20:30h


Pavilleon. Werdmühleplatz | 8001 | Zurich.

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