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Mirry B: The Girl Behind FN's Branding

Branding is never easy, especially for your own company, especially for a company that not only represents you but dozens of other female creatives who all have different interests and should be appealing to a range of brands.

We knew from the jump that we had certain guidelines: we didn't want to be perceived as niche, but broad in our interests and capabilities; we are all female but we don't have to be pink; at our core is creativity, the artisanal, the handmade, the immersive, with an often digital implementation.

But we did not know how to translate these principles into our branding.

Enter Mirry Bobeva, a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator based in London, to the rescue. Her work is bold, zesty and purposeful: which we love!

We brainstormed our ideas with Mirry and she came up with the concept of a signature, as if the company was a personal letter to you, signed sincerely by all of us.

She hand-wrote versions of the signature and scanned them in, colorising them in our brand's signature orange.

The orange used is a custom colour Mirry created that has many natural references (clay, the setting sun, oranges, ochre earth pigment...) whilst being bold and graphic. The font we used was selected for looking both friendly and impactful in lower and upper case. It was also Mirry's idea to not make the background of our website white, but a custom grey.

We opted for both a longhand and short form signature, to be used for different purposes across a range of branding material.

Our branding has been spreading from our website to other surfaces, and the FN logo Mirry created has worked perfectly, in either form, everywhere.

She has also designed our business cards, invoices and invitations.

We could not recommend Mirry and her graphic design skills enough!

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