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MAM SHAM: 'Eat Your Heart Out'

Valentine's Day: a day for lovers often wrought with anxiety, expectation and stressful planning. Yesterday it was perfectly normal to stay in, watch Lion and cry by yourself but if you do that on this day people feel sorry for you.

And what do you do if you are forcibly single and no amount of hinting (or bribery) has landed you a date for this day?

Or if you do have a date, boyfriend, best friend, wife, partner - where do you take them? So many options but non of them are actually that appealing.

Maria K Georgiou and Rhiannon Butler are Mam Sham. Mam Sham produces immersive events, specialising in supper clubs with a twist, and combines all their knowledge of pop culture, design, art and music with their specific sense of wondrously witty humour. For Valentines Day they organised the perfect supper club for everyone, even the singletons (hey!): 'Eat Your Heart Out'.

A night of comedy and dining surrounded by fun and like-minded people was truly served.

Having known the girls myself for a decade now, I knew the food would be fantastic, their comedy selection hysterical and their organisation on point but what we got was beyond anything I could have prepared myself for.

The three courses were inspired by their respective comedy acts and deliciously interpreted by chef Luke Findlay, otherwise known as The Gravy Social. What I wasn't expecting was the creativity behind their presentation and method of serving (all meticulously and lovely curated by Mam Sham).

The main course was based around an erotic poetry reading by Thom Morgan. Esq where he depicted a love scene over a curry delivery. Our main was, naturally, a curry but it was brought to the tables in a typical Indian take-out bag, receipt attached and all, and the guests had to deal out the boxes inside like you would at home with your friends. There was even a specially made Indian menu inside just like the ones you get from take-out curryhouses.

Now multiply that creativity by three meals and lots of little, genius, gags along the way and you can guess how much fun we had.

We stayed from 7pm unless we got kicked out, made new friends, ate great food, laughed our socks off and, above all, felt a whole lotta love.

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