On Screen: What To Look Forward To In A Femme-Powered 2017

That’s it. We are so unequivocally done with the bitter lemon of a year that was 2016. One year like that was more than enough to understand that everything is going to shit and that now, more than ever, we need to unite all our beautiful creative energy in order to combat the pervading madness and negativity.

One year has managed to make as many headlines as no other, so it was especially satisfying to raise a glassful of rum on December 31st to bid farewell and re-set for, hopefully, a more cheerful 2017.

And even if it is only about the second week of the year, where a day at work feels like 35 hours long and some vague new year’s resolutions have already proven to fail on day 3, Girls on Film have definitely re-charged and started focusing on all the exciting female-led events and female creativity to look forward in the new year.

If we’re talking about what picture is 2017 painting for fabulous females in cinema, the situation is looking quite promising. Compared to 2016, where there were around 40 major releases directed by women, 2017 will see this number increase to 60 – which, yes, is not a significant number in itself, yet the fact that the number is soaring, is already cause for celebration (re: more rum).

So here is the Girls on Film list of extremely anticipated female-directed films not to miss in the new year:

The Love Witch (dir. Anna Biller)

If abundance of pink is not already a great selling point, this feminist theory-influenced satirical comedy by Anna Biller will bring us back to the glory days of 60s Technicolor-drenched camp horror. The impeccably-styled main character, Elaine, uses witchcraft to lure men into loving her, and there is nothing we want to see more than a gorgeous femme fatale exuding her power onto clueless and useless men. The Love Witch, as beguiling as it is on the surface, (expect a love child of Barbarella and The Witches), is also a first-class textbook which continues exploring key feminist issues like female gaze, power play and female desire.

Insecure, Season 2 (written, produced and directed by Issa Rae)

We are deeply and utterly in love with Issa Rae – not really sure which adjective to add to underscore the depth of our affection for this kick-ass woman, who has singlehandedly created her own TV empire by depicting the highs and lows of contemporary black experience. She stormed into the spotlight with her brilliant web series Awkward Black Girl, which attracted almost 20 million viewers with her refreshingly daring and raw approach to narrative, which zooms in on two female protagonists, their relationships and career. Forget about white people’s problems – Issa Rae has so much originality and fervour to tell a completely different story, bringing much deserved spotlight on the stories of black females. Oh, and do I even need to mention the show’s absolutely banging soundtrack? Issa Rae, how can you be so cool?

Lovesong (dir. So Young Kim)