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Capes Of Good Hope

Our girl Zuzanna Buchwald has created the capsule brand Capes of Good Hope.

"Donning a cape turns a mundane moment into a ceremony,an ordinary person into a hero and provides protection to its wearer, be it physical against the elements or spiritual against the negative energy of others.

Capes of Good Hope were inspired by a longing for adventure and a desire for something beautiful and unique but functional and practical that also provides for others in its creation. Each cape is one of a kind and part of a small capsule collection, created with the colours of ethnic crafts and tribal patterns that evoke a bohemian spirit and nomadic lifestyle.

Each capsule collection supports a different charitable cause with 10% of each cape’s sale going towards that cause. The capes are unisex and multifunctional, perfect for travel and active exploration while allowing the wearer to have a statement piece that gives to those in need.

Capes of Good Hope have supported causes such as providing winter supplies for Standing Rock, hurricane relief in Haiti and refugees worldwide."

It also has the most amazing playlist created by Zuzanna so if you want some incredible musical vibes head to the bottom of the site or visit the Soundcloud.

"A gift of tribal sounds for the soul and a wish of compassion, inner peace and love radiating from within. Happy 2017." - Zuzanna

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