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Plathoes Cave is a zine co-edited and co-founded by two lanky ladies, Alex and Bella, who met at university in London. They bonded initially over being excessively tall, and then over their love of films, music and feminism, as well as their frustration with the apparent lack of places where they could voice these interests. Enter, Plathoes Cave Zine: A platform where anyone can write and create anything.


In the same way the project has strengthened Alex and Bella's friendship, it has become the centre of an ever-developing community, bringing people together through the act of sharing thoughts and ideas. Fast-forward two years, and not only does the online zine now have over 50 different writers, artists and interviewee's involved, but the first print issue is due to be launched in April 2017. 

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Journalism + Feminism + Inclusivity + Diversity 

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If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you’ll have trouble putting on your pants 


Lisa Simpson and Patti Smith

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