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Nora Nord

Nora is a Norwegian photographer currently living and working in London. She moved there after completing a BA in history and Politics in Boston, with no plan other than working as a freelance photographer. Nora’s work is grounded in a documentary practice and her aim is to capture the energy and emotion of the people and places she encounters. She is driven by human connection and female empowerment. Nora is currently completing an MA in fashion communication at Central Saint Martins.


At the moment she is experimenting with self portraiture in a joint project with her partner, as well as exploring her identity and sexuality through documenting her life. She aims on exhibiting this work in the near future.

Nora's work weaves together identity and sexuality in the context of power and equality. Underlying this is a romantic and queer look at the world.

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Home Base:




Life Motto:

Be comfortable with uncomfortable;

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself. 


Queer photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908-1942), who found emancipation through the camera by being both photographer and photographed by other women.

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