Nina Chanh

Nina was born and raised in Norway and now lives in London, she is half Norwegian and half Vietnamese. 


Nina has always enjoyed creation, the idea of making something for people that travels through time and generations, something that holds and creates memories, tells stories.


Jewellery seems to be the object that people hold onto the most so naturally Nina gravitated to it. She decided to move to London in 2009 where she begun to study jewellery design and now has her own brand: Nina Chanh

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Home Base:



Jewellery Design    

Life Motto:

Coco Chanel ones said "look your self in the mirror and take off two pieces of accessories" in my opinion you should always add two! 


In all honestly I can't say I have a role model, although I admire many women. I feel like I only see/know the public side of them and therefore think it would be wrong to say they inspire me. I would have to say all my friends as in my eyes they are the best human beings I know.