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Nicita Amy Botha

Nicita Amy Botha is animator, motion graphics artist and all around video-content creator whose aim is to breathe excitement and vividness into each and every aspect of creation. 


After graduating from AFDA Cape Town with a degree in Film Directing Nicita set out to learn every element of the film making process, as she believes “how can you direct if you have not learnt”. For the years to follow Nicita embraced many positions before she found great passion in animation.


The idea of creating something from nothing, becoming the designer, colourist, lighting technician, all at once and at the tip of your fingers, was where her passion for this art stemmed. She now pursues projects that are multilayered and dynamic, working hard to create content that is more than what it was intended to be as she believes that in such a fast-paced world, everything we create must be meaningful. 

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Home Base:

London / Cape Town 



Life Motto:

Create to inspire


Most women I have met are inspirations to me. My mum who entrusts such love; my sister who inspires beautiful artistry; my friends who teach confidence and every talented lady achieving greatness adds to my personal inspiration.

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