Create an engaging social media campaign and article for Mykke Hofmann's blog and Instagram account that embodies them as a brand. 


Understanding MH's standing as a Munich-based, but international, contemporary womenswear brand with a focus on female empowerment through leading by example rather than just with words, we created a campaign called Bold Woman. 

Inspired by the reclaiming of the phrase ‘nasty woman’, and a year on from the Women’s March, we wanted to showcase female confidence in a positive and empowering way. Women should be encouraged to be themselves, be loud, be vibrant, be beautiful, be creative, be confident: be bold. 


The Bold Woman series profiles some of our favourite boldly creative women; women who do not compromise and who live their passions.

From all over the world, the women came together in a home in Kensington, West London, to be photographed by Julia Shashkina, wearing a SS18 Mykke Hofmann piece of their choice and interviewed by Tijana Tamburic.


Julia Shashkina - Photographer 

Megan Rose Lane - Make-up artist 

Tijana Tamburic - Producer + Interviewer

Franziska Klein - Producer + Videographer

Manon Ouimet - Talent 

Karimah Hassan -Talent

Cecile Sinclair - Talent

Annina Roescheisen - Talent 

Ming Savannah Nembhard - Talent

Olayka McKay - Talent 

CLIENT: Mykke Hofmann  

PRODUCT: Social Campaign  

FORMAT: Stills 


DATE: February 2018 

CATEGORY: Contemporary Womenswear   

I’m a woman 
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me. 
- Maya Angelou
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