Miss Swirl

Miss Swirl is a model spreading body positivity, diversity and acceptance of mental health challenges.


Swirl is an eclectic Florentine artist, born in a family of Tuscan hat maker, currently based in London. She is also the author of the online practical guide to coping with hair loss:- theboldgirls.com


Her life project is linked to an important personal event that completely changed the course of her life. The project is multi-channel and built on photography and the human body, together with the art of make-up and fashion accessories, which finally become useful for a specific purpose: raising awareness of what makes a woman feel naturally beautiful without hair.


Her bold message aims to show women how to discover their bravest self, perhaps even their best self, and find the strength to look in the mirror without fear of not recognising themselves anymore. Swirl shows how photography, fashion, and art can lead women on a journey to teach them how to replace their inner critic with a positive thinker. 

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Model + Mental Health  Ambassador 

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A smile has far more power than your hair


Adalia Rose