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Miss Swirl

Swirl (she/her) is an advocate model™, a term describing the new generation of models using their public image to challenge stereotypes and advocate for a personal cause. Her lack of hair derives from trichotillomania, one of the body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB) still widely stigmatized in the world.


As an activist, she has founded a support network in Italy - where she comes from - together with a psychotherapist to help with normalizing BFRBs. 


Now based in London, Swirl is raising awareness for mental health and for bald women. Through a journey of acceptance, her condition has empowered her with natural confidence in front of the camera, leading to opportunities amongst which modeling for Primark, Zandra Rhodes, Hunger Magazine, and starring in Trash Boat's music video.


Her work adds to including diversity in representation, as a model, and through her social media platforms.

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Model + Mental Health  Ambassador 

Life Motto:

A smile has far more power than your hair


Adalia Rose

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