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Micah Barnes

Micah is an international model and dancer and former “army brat”. Having moved around countries often as a kid, the nomadic and spontaneous spirit stuck. She’s grateful to get the opportunity to continue travelling all over the world now through modelling.

Having been into sports since a young age, Micah leads a very active and playful lifestyle. She has a background in athletics, then went on to dance and most recently, taekwondo.

Micah has a hunger for adventure (she’s no stranger to bungee jumping, free diving and cliff jumping). Combining that with her filming and editing skills from her degree in Broadcast Journalism, she’s currently working on her latest project, a blog on adventure travel.

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Home Base:



Modelling + Dance + Adventure + Filmmaking 

Life Motto:

Have as much fun as possible, whenever possible


Ellen Degeneres

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