Megan Lane

Megan Rose Lane is a 25 year old makeup artist and motivational blogger living in London.

Having experienced more than her fair share of serious mental and physical issues with her body, Megan now uses her story to build confidence in other young women. She spreads the message of self-love by not only posting perfectly lit makeup tutorials but also giving her followers the real her, acne and all, through revealing images that prove how much on Instagram is fake or edited and empowering, relatable, vlogs.

"I realise that this world of ego, comparison, shallow materialistic insufficiency is suffocating me and deep down I KNOW happiness cannot be bought, earned or worked toward. Happiness is not 10lbs from now, it's not when you get your dream job, or when you're prettier, richer or more popular. Happiness is NOW. So stop fearing what isn't real and decide to live fully in the moment, fully in love with who you are on a level that's so much deeper than your eyebrows, achievements or shoe collection."


With a passion for psychology and self-improvement, Megan's goal is to spread the empowering message of self-love to women all over the world.

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My little sister, she's one of the most positive, brave, hardworking and creative people I know - she inspires me every day.