Matea Miljevic 

Matea spent her life between Greece and Serbia before moving to the UK four years ago to study Business Management. During her course she fell in love with sociology because it gave answers to the questions she'd always been asking. Her new home is in London where she is completing a sociology master's degree at LSE, and modelling part-time.


She has a passion for storytelling and is an avid reader of fiction from all corners of the world. She also loves to travel and is addicted to music - especially psychedelic trance. When she's not working or reading, you'll most likely find her dancing the night away.


She has experience in Marketing and Advertising, where she is able to combine her creative side with her love for social research. Her goal is to build a career in the industry, complete a PhD and at some point write her own book or script.

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Home Base:



Market Research + Creative Strategy + Sociology    

Life Motto:

It's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't.


Chimanda Ngozi Adichiez

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