Marin Daley-Hawkins

Having always been a keen writer (credits include I-D and The Telegraph), Marin got involved in digital marketing when she observed a decline in print journalism. 


With over five years of solid experience working with fashion retail and lifestyle clients, she advises brands on how to effectively use content and social influencers as part of their broader marketing strategies. 


But Marin hasn't forgotten about marketing her own talent: the singer's debut single 'Day 42' amassed coverage from the likes of The Sunday Times, Fader, The Clash, Hunger TV, MixMag and radio plays from the BBC. She's releasing new music in 2017 and is one of London's hotly tipped new artists. 


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Musician & Marketer 

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"Everything happens for a reason"


Every single woman who has ever fought to turn her life around.