Manon Ouimet

Manon is a freelance photographer and retoucher. She has spent the last seven years working between Sydney, LA and London. 


Manon started out in the world of fashion as a model. Immersed in a world unlike the one we live in she soon realised her passion was behind the lens capturing people in a moment of time, taking the viewer where they are not. 


Manon is known for her personal focus on the female form, capturing and celebrating the figure and the beauty of a woman. Manon has a keen eye for portraiture, she has been strongly influenced by her mother, a renaissance-style portrait painter. This influence gave Manon an insight into the world and people viewed from a different perspective.


Manon has spent the last two years being mentored by some of the best photographers and retouchers the industry has to offer. 

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Photography + Retouching 

Life Motto:

'Don't be part of the problem, be the solution'


My mother for never giving up her paintbrush 

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