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Manon Ouimet

Manon is a freelance photographer and retoucher. She has spent the last decade working between Sydney, LA and London.

Manon started out in the world of fashion as a model. Immersed in a world unlike the one we live in she soon realised her passion was behind the lens capturing people in a moment of time, taking the viewer where they are not.

Manon engages with notions of identity and the therapeutic values photography can offer, posing difficult yet essential questions regarding body image and visual representation. Her work advocates understanding and compassion while inspiring self-confidence and positivity with the individuals with whom she collaborates. Manon’s work is born from desiring to learn human stories and to celebrate each individual that she photographs. Additionally, with her creative partner she has recently launched Manon et Jacob, a filmmaking and photographic collaborative duo. 

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Home Base:



Photography + Retouching 

Life Motto:

'Don't be part of the problem, be the solution'


My mother for never giving up her paintbrush 

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