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Mai Izumitani

Mai is the founder of eponymous, handcrafted in East London, ceramics brand MAIZU. She is also a qualified yoga and reformer teacher, doing regular classes at studios like Psycle and Basic Space. 

At MAIZU, yoga and ceramics intertwine to channel the essence of mindful living. Her two passions create a synergy of deep grounding and serve as a gentle reminder to slow down both in physical form and as a spiritual practice.

Naturally, Mai founded MAIZU with a deeply minimalistic approach as homage to her Japanese background and upbringing. She sets out to eliminate any unnecessary frills and clutter from her work, allowing beauty to emerge from less, rather than more.

In the studio, she carefully handcrafts each piece with an intention to bring a sense of joy and appreciation into everyday objects for the minimalist’s home.


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Home Base:



Yoga + Pilates + Ceramics

Life Motto:

Trust in divine timing


My mama, oh and Mulan obvs. Both are my heroes, but one has a pet dragon. 

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