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Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis is a multi-faceted Poet and Model. Her Poetry draws inspiration from her life experiences and scientific background, exploring themes of Nature and Philosophy. She also curates Poetry events and workshops, and advocates for mental health and wellbeing. 

So far in her commercial modelling career, she's modelled for the likes of Vogue and MAC Cosmetics. Driven by her mission to be the representation she wished for growing up, Lisa uses her modelling and public appearances to promote the beauty of natural afro hair, often using her hairstyling skills to create artistic Afro styles for herself. 

Lisa is currently a Miss England Finalist for 2024, and stars in an award-winning documentary, pushing for diversity in Surfing. She is British with Jamaican roots and grew up as a young carer for her mother. 

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Home Base:



Modeling + Poetry

Life Motto:

There is Material in all of the Madness/ Turn Pain into Poetry


Toni Morrison

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