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Lily Phillips

Lily is a comedian and a fierce feminist. A native Londoner, she originally trained and worked as a professional dancer and choreographer before finding that comedy was her preferred creative outlet.


In 2013 she founded The Ruby Darlings, a successful comedy cabaret group, using sexy songs and stand up to focus on ‘taboo’ subjects surrounding women and their sex lives, empowering all in its wake. The group has won awards, received 5* reviews and toured the UK and the US.


Lily released her first music video for their song ‘Worship Me’ last year, which aims to parody the hip hop style tunes that degrade women by flipping the misogyny on its head. She has many more in the pipeline. Notably teaming up with Mooncup UK on their next campaign. Lily is also writing a musical from a collection of the cabaret’s original songs.


2017 has seen her move into stand up comedy, having received acclaim in NY, most notably at the Gotham Comedy Club; she has been booking gigs in London since January. Lily aims to continue to use comedy to celebrate all things female and tackle some tricky topics in as many forms as possible. She’s on the rise in 2017.

Home Base:



Comedy + Writing 

Life Motto:

When life gives you lemons, hold them up to your boobs and take a selfie


There are soooo many....but in terms of my particular path, I would have to say Amy Schumer for her sass and general 'don't give a shit' attitude and Victoria Wood for paving the way for the rest of us. Oops thats two...

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