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Laura Dodd

Laura has grown up modelling; having been in the industry for over 15 years working with many big fashion and commercial brands. She still loves her experiences with the fashion industry, yet has found a new passion and deeper meaning in life in the last couple of years with having her son, Jude, and her Yoga practice and teaching.

Laura qualified as a Yoga teacher in early 2017 and is truly passionate about the benefits of yoga; strength and flexibility in the body are experienced yet Yoga also brings you back to your true self, developing greater self-awareness, and enhancing connections to others. In our busy and overstimulated lives, yoga leads to peace of mind, reduced stress and anxiety, and a nourished soul.

Laura hails from leafy Buckinghamshire and grew up with a focus on a wholesome countryside lifestyle. These childhood impressions are as important today and Laura is passionate about an ethical, healthy and balanced lifestyle from the inside out and hopes to inspire others to do the same.


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Home Base:



Modelling + Yoga + Wellbeing 

Life Motto:

Keep things simple, listen to your body, focus on the present moment


My first yoga teacher

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